• Sewing Machine Maintenance
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    Sewing Machine Maintenance

    Gunked-up machines can ruin any sewing experience. Learn how to properly maintain your machine with Jaime from Fancy Tiger Crafts. She demonstrates how to clean and oil a sewing machine, change the light bulb, and troubleshoot problems – she even demonstrates how to adjust tension if your stitches are too loose or too tight. Jaime works on a variety of sewing machine models in this class, and also provides tips on what to look for if you’re shopping for a new machine.

  • Painted Canvas Pillows
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    Painted Canvas Pillows

    Give your living room a fun makeover with these hand-painted canvas pillowcases. Inspired by the classic, colourful stripes of Hudson Bay Blankets, you will use primary colours to paint stripes on your fabric. Then, follow along as Courtney demonstrates how to sew and assemble this simple pillowcase.

  • Hand Sew Springtime Bunny and Carrot Softies
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    Hand Sew Springtime Bunny and Carrot Softies

    In this class, Alison shares her method for hand-stitching a sweet little bunny with a companion carrot softie. Only a few stitches are required to complete these adorable dolls – satin stitch, running stitch, and blanket stitch – and Alison shares tips for how to work the stitches successfully. Templates are provided to make a large and small bunny, both of which are sewn exactly the same way. Have fun stitching up a little springtime bunny family, and don’t forget to sew a carrot or two for them to munch on while you’re at it.

  • How to Sew Napkins
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    How to Sew Napkins

    In this class, Liana Allday shares three different ways to make and finish cloth napkins. Learn how to make playful fringed-edge napkins, faux rolled-hem farmhouse napkins, and classic mitered corner napkins. Whether you’re throwing an extravagant dinner party or making a batch to give as a gift, Liana shares how easy it is to select fabrics that will cater to your occasion. These napkins require minimal sewing, making them the perfect skill-building project for beginners.

  • Sewing a T-Shirt
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    Sewing a T-Shirt

    Learning how to sew a t-shirt will expand both your wardrobe and your sewing skills. Cal teaches you know to sew with knits, covering how to choose different fabrics and test out stretchy seams on a home sewing machine – no serger (overlocker) required. This is a great first project for working with knits so you will confidently learn how to find the grainline, sew a neck band and hem with the appropriate kind of stretchy stitches.

  • How to Sew Mitered Corners
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    How to Sew Mitered Corners

    Learn how to make mitered corners on a single piece of fabric from sewing and quilting instructor Ashley Nickels. Starting with a square piece of fabric and a home sewing machine, you will learn how to press the edges, mark corners, stitch the miters in place and trim away excess fabric. This easy technique is great for creating cloth napkins and table runners or finishing the edges of any sewing project that has a corner.

  • How to Stitch in the Ditch
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    How to Stitch in the Ditch

    “Stitching in the ditch” is an essential sewing and quilting technique that anchors your layers in place and creates clean seams on the right side of your sewing. Like the name implies, ditch-stitching is as simple as sewing along your seam lines. Ashley Nickels demonstrates how it’s done in this short tutorial.

  • Hand Sewn Felt Baby Booties
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    Hand Sewn Felt Baby Booties

    Learn how to make adorable hand-stitched baby booties with Kata Golda. Working with soft wool felt and embroidery floss, you’ll cut out the pieces and construct the shoes with a decorative blanket stitch. These simple, classic booties are cosy and functional, making them the perfect gift for a newborn baby or mum-to-be.