• Lengthen or Shorten Patterns
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    Lengthen or Shorten Patterns

    Got a long, tall kid or a more petite one you sew for? If the little ones in your life don’t measure exactly to pre-determined specifications on a pattern, it can be hard to figure out how to add or remove length while maintaining a garment’s proportions. Liesl will explain how to lengthen or shorten patterns for different types of garments.

  • How to Sew Zippers
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    How to Sew Zippers

    Whether you are working with invisible zippers or regular zippers, Liesl will show you all of the basics, from shortening the length to pinning and sewing. You will learn lots of finishing techniques, too, like how to sew the remainder of a seam and finish a waist facing once the zipper is installed.

  • Embroidered Heirloom Napkins
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    Embroidered Heirloom Napkins

    These embroidered napkins serve as a sentimental record of everyone who has gathered around your table for special meals and holidays. Rebecca shows you what kind of tools to use to gather signatures, and how to embroider those signatures or drawings onto napkins so they can be washed and used and cherished for years to come.   

  • Patchwork Pants
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    Patchwork Pants

    This adorable baby wardrobe staple can be made for boys or girls in prints or solids. The elastic waist means no fussy closures, and the faux pocket detail adds a sweet handmade touch. After you make your first pair and see how quickly these come together, you’ll be raiding your stash so all the adorable babies you know and love can rock a pair of these pants.  

  • Felt Fox Stocking
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    Felt Fox Stocking

    Make a foxy, felty stocking that will adorn your mantle for many Christmases to come. Alison of Kata Golda walks you through cutting and assembling the stocking and adding cute, mischievous features including perky ears and a bushy tail. Finish with a personalised star and you’ll be ready to hang your stocking with care.

  • Dart Manipulation
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    Dart Manipulation

    Darts are practical elements of patternmaking that ensure a good fit. In this workshop, Liesl moves beyond the utilitarian and into the creative – showing you how to manipulate the placement of darts to customise your sewing. You’ll learn how to shift a typical bust dart to the neckline or waist, all without sacrificing fit. Along the way, Liesl provides tips for accurate marking and precise sewing. Once you learn the basics of dart manipulation, you’ll be able to sew more custom and creative garments.

  • Sew On-Seam Pockets
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    Sew On-Seam Pockets

    Learn how to add on-seam pockets to clothing with sewing expert, Liesl Gibson. In this class, she shares her technique for adding a pocket bag to any garment that you’re making from scratch, or even an existing garment in your wardrobe. From aligning the pockets perfectly to finishing the edges neatly, Liesl’s class will ensure that your pockets are functional, beautiful, and look like they were sewn by a pro.

  • Cosy Sweatshirt Makeover
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    Cosy Sweatshirt Makeover

    Learn how to transform big, bulky sweatshirts into cute, cosy pullovers with just a bit of cutting and some easy sewing. Marisa’s tips and tricks will have you rummaging through your drawers, looking for old sweatshirts to upgrade. This super-quick class is the perfect impulse project — simply snip, sew, and go.