• Patternmaking Simplified: A-Line Skirt
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    Patternmaking Simplified: A-Line Skirt

    If you sew, but find yourself frustrated looking for cute patterns that fit well, you might want to try drafting your own patterns. It’s not nearly as hard as you might think! Cal will teach you how to take proper measurements and create a pattern for a simple skirt with darts. Then take her Intermediate Sewing Class to learn how to put it together. With these basics, you’ll be on your way to creating a whole new wardrobe.

  • How to Sew a Bias Facing
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    How to Sew a Bias Facing

    In this class, Liesl demonstrates how to finish garment edges with a bias-tape facing. Not only does Liesl show you how to cut fabric on the bias, but you’ll also learn how to create bias tape and attach it to a collar to make a smooth, perfectly finished edge. With careful pinning, ironing, and sewing, it's easy for anyone to create beautiful garments that look professional on the inside and out.

  • Upcycling: Transform Your Wardrobe with Dye
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    Upcycling: Transform Your Wardrobe with Dye

    Learn how to give old garments a dye-bath makeover with upcycling expert, Marisa Lynch. In this class, she shares a wealth of knowledge about how to dye clothes – whether they’re made from natural fibres, synthetic fibres, or a blend of both – all using commercial dyes. The best part of all is the big reveal at the end, where you’ll see the varying degrees of saturation and spectrum of hues that occur when the same dye is used on garments made from various fibres.

  • How to Read a Sewing Pattern
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    How to Read a Sewing Pattern

    Sewing patterns are often a mysterious language unto themselves, but Liesl Gibson is here to demystify the process. In this class, Liesl explains all the components of sewing patterns, including: reading the pattern envelope, taking accurate measurements, fabric recommendations, understanding the guide sheet, working with pattern pieces, and layout and cutting. This class is chock full of tips and best practises so you will be set up to start sewing for yourself.

  • Stencil and Sew a Makeup Bag
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    Stencil and Sew a Makeup Bag

    Creating your own stencil for hand-printing fabric is surprisingly simple and lends a personal touch to this easy-to-sew bag. In this quick class, designer and artist Anna Joyce walks you through creating and working with stencils as well as fun sewing techniques for working with gussets, zippers and leather. As a bonus, the materials needed for this project will set you up for countless future stenciling endeavors.

  • Charcoal Blending Tools
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    Charcoal Blending Tools

    Learn how to create velvety lines and ghost-like shading with charcoal and blending tools. Lisa Solomon demonstrates the qualities of compressed black and white charcoal and charcoal pencils using blending stumps, a kneaded eraser and a chamois. At the end, you’ll learn how to use them all together to create volume and depth.  

  • Sew Modern Christmas Stockings
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    Sew Modern Christmas Stockings

    Who says Christmas stockings have to use traditional motifs? Liana Allday shows you how to give stockings a modern makeover with fresh, vibrant fabrics. These stockings require minimal cutting and sewing, making it easy to whip up a batch for your family. The neutral linen lining and leather strap tie the palette together, making your large-scale florals and colourful prints look cohesive when they’re all hanging together over the fireplace.

  • Peter Pan Collar
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    Peter Pan Collar

    Peter Pan collars can utterly transform the look of any outfit. Amy shows you how to design your own collar pattern so the collar fits snug against your neckline, and how to incorporate tailoring techniques that ensure it lays flat and crisp once it is sewn. You’ll learn how to create removable collars that range from demure to vintage to sassy that will expand your sewing skills and the versatility of your wardrobe.

  • Leather Basics
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    Leather Basics

    This quick video provides an overview of different types of leather, which can be helpful to understand before you embark on a leather sewing or craft project. Handbag and jewelry designer, Elke, discusses the unique qualities of leather and what to look for when you’re shopping. From sturdy vegetable tanned leathers to soft, supple cow hides, Elke dishes on the ideal uses for different types of leathers and how to successfully work with them.