• Sew a Linen Bucket Bag
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    Sew a Linen Bucket Bag

    Create your own linen and leather bag with the expert guidance of Elke Bergeron. Elke shows you how to sew a classic bucket bag, plus she shows you how to make a beautiful leather shoulder strap and a coordinating leather tassel. This class provides a foundation in basic sewing and leather-working skills, and results in a gorgeous handbag, perfect for year-round use.  

  • How to Mix Screen Printing Ink
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    How to Mix Screen Printing Ink

    To pull a good print, you need to be sure your ink consistency is just right. Screenprinting artist Hilary Williams shows how to determine whether your ink has the correct consistency and what to do if it’s a bit too runny, too thick or too dry. Hilary also demonstrates how to resuscitate ink that’s salvageable with just a splash of water, as well as how to tint ink to make light, pastel colours.

  • Kids Blouse: Mousie Blousie
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    Kids Blouse: Mousie Blousie

    This eensy blouse is loaded with charming details, including the front tab and the back button placket. The clean lines of the design mean this blouse will work with any fabric – including lively prints. Heather designed this for her daughter, and the love shows – with a facing that adds a finished touch and shows off a corresponding print, and the pops of colour throughout.

  • Sew a Snap-Clasp Purse
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    Sew a Snap-Clasp Purse

    If you’ve ever found yourself searching for that perfect purse for everyday wear, search no more. Professional bag maker, Nicole Mallalieu, shares how to make a snap-clasp purse using a rectangular purse frame, magnetic snaps, and a sturdy base with purse feet. It’s easy to customise the look and feel of your bag with fabric and hardware choices, and with so many professional-looking details, no one will be able to guess that you made the purse yourself.

  • Setting Up a Screen Printing Studio
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    Setting Up a Screen Printing Studio

    You don’t need an expensive or elaborate studio space to create successful screen prints. Mixed media artist Hilary Williams talks you through setting up a basic home studio space. You will learn how to create a printing board, how to set up your space to make clean prints, what tools you will need to have on hand, and how to practice good studio cleanup habits.

  • Burlap Christmas Stocking
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    Burlap Christmas Stocking

    This stocking strikes a balance between earthy and sophisticated. Maya Donenfeld shows you how to create a lined Christmas stocking using a rescued coffee sack, highlighting its decorative motif. The contrast between the natural texture of burlap and the minimalism of the stocking design won’t ever look dated – even after years of love and use. 

  • Bust Adjustment
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    Bust Adjustment

    When adjusting the fit of clothes you sew for yourself, the most important measurements are across your shoulders and bust. Most commercial patterns are made to B cup, leaving a lot of us with ill-fitting tops. In this workshop, Liesl will walk you through the steps of measuring and making adjustments to your pattern for a larger bust.