• Intro to Stencilling
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    Intro to Stencilling

    Stencilling on cotton jerseys is at the core of all of Natalie’s designs for Alabama Chanin. In this workshop, Natalie will teach you how to create the cut stencil and then apply the paint that becomes the guide for all her designs. You’ll see Natalie’s tried-and-true method of air brushing the stencil onto fabric, as well as simple alternatives that use basic materials.

  • How to Make a Stop Motion Video
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    How to Make a Stop Motion Video

    Learn how to make simple yet sweet stop-motion videos at home with acclaimed photographer, Thayer Gowdy. In this class, Thayer breaks down the basics of stop-motion technology, demystifying how to determine frames per second, storyboard ideas, build successful sets, and troubleshoot problems. Using an app called iStopMotion, you can keep your movie as low-tech or high-tech as you want, using an iPhone and iPad or a high quality digital camera and your home computer. Once you understand the basics of animation, you can make stop-motion movies any length you please–from just a few seconds to minutes on end.

  • Glue 101
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    Glue 101

    Mixed media artist Courtney explains the basics of glue, including: Elmer's Glue, PVA (Poly Vinyl Acetate), Glue sticks, Mod Podge & gel medium, Tacky Glue, specialty glues, wood glue, heavy duty glues, hot glue guns, and glue dots. This class is perfect for anyone interested in collage, mixed media, image transfers, and using glue in general. Courtney explains how each type of glue works, as well as its ideal crafting use. You don't need every type of glue that exists, so watch this video to see which ones you'll want to include in your craft kit.

  • Lazy Days Skirt
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    Lazy Days Skirt

    Inspired by the lazy, unfussy days of summer, this quick project is perfect for beginner sewers, or sewers looking for an instant-gratification project. With her clear and precise instruction, Liesl will show you how to make this skirt from a single width of fabric, add an elastic casing for the waistband, and finish it with an inventive ribbon hem. This will become your go-to skirt when you crave a sweet and simple project.

  • Tape 101
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    Tape 101

    Ever wondered why there are so many different types of tape? In this overview, mixed media artist Courtney Cerruti explains the characteristics of the most commonly available tapes—like masking, painter’s, duct, double-sided, decorative washi, and glue dots—and demonstrates the best uses for each. You will learn which tape is best for taping papers, photos, card stock, and other mixed media, as well as fun ideas for using these common tapes in entirely new ways.

  • Nature Pals
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    Nature Pals

    BUY THE KIT These charming nature pals are perfect for little hands to grab onto and cherish. They’re made from wool felt, which doesn’t fray so it’s forgiving to work with and lovely to the touch. Alison from Kata Golda imbues these tiny critters with big personalities through her imaginative details. She shows how to sew them with a combination of hand stitching and machine sewing, in each design so you can create a trio of the plush, adorable nature pals.